This information was recently compiled from testimonies received from victims, eyewitnesses, medical personnel, and informants. Keep in mind this is only a compilation of confirmed testimonies and includes stats from Sana’a only. The list is actually much longer. As HOOD receives more testimonies, this list will be updated.

This is NOT a list of those who have lost their lives. I will post that up soon in a separate post.

The names of most eyewitnesses listed below have not been released because they requested anonymity out of fear for their lives.  If you represent an international human rights organization and would like more information, please contact HOOD.



11 detained


91 detained

*Total released for both months is 90



200 detained

100-150 released

  • Tamim Alamrani walked into HOOD’s office in Sana’a and provided testimony. He witnessed an armored vehicle run over the bodies of four demonstrators. Security forces carried away the bodies and washed the asphalt.
  • During the march to Kentucky round, witnesses said more than fifty bodies, injured and dead,  were carried into private cars by security forces.
  • One eyewitness videotaped the demonstration at Kentucky and witnessed eight people get shot. He passed out from the nerve gas and was taken to the field hospital, where his camera was stolen.
  • One eye witness was rounded up with about 70-80 other demonstrators by security forces. They were taken into trucks and driven to  a private home.  There, they were interrogated about their protest activities. One victim was severely beaten and passed away. After about 24 hours, nurses entered the room and injected them with shots. They passed out and when they awoke found themselves lying on Hayel street in Sana’a.
  • Human rights attorney Khaled Alenesi says he was almost run over by security forces during a march in Rowayshan, Sana’a.
  • A young child, believed to be about ten, was shot by security forces. He was hit in the head and taken to the front yard of a private home. A woman ran outside the home to protect the boy’s body but a struggle ensued between her and “balatajia”, or paid thugs. They eventually were able to take the body away.

*1,500 were injured during the April 9th demonstration in Kentucky alone.



60 detained

10-15 released

  • May 11: Four sympathetic central security officers witnessed 100-200 people get taken to the Military hospital. Most were injured.
  • Six demonstrators camped out in Zara’a street, Sana’a. Security forces showed up and opened fire. Five went missing, the sixth was injured and taken to the makeshift hospital.
  • As he was exiting Change Square at around 8pm, an activist was approached by three men from national security. They asked him questions about the regime and pretended to be sympathizers with the opposition. They followed him to an Internet café, where he was getting poems printed to be used at future demonstrations. As he walked out of the office, they threatened him with guns and told him to get into a car that was waiting outside. Once in the car, they blindfolded him and drove him to an unknown location, where he was tortured with electrical devices, wires, cigarette burns, and chains. They accused him of illegally distributing guns to people. They forced him to sign a confession, blindfolded him again and transferred him to a hospital.
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