This is footage from the May 11th march to the Prime Minister’s building in Sana’a. I had trouble uploading it initially but was finally able to post it. A friend and I were covering the march that day when Saleh’s security forces opened fire into our street. We were immediately rushed into a nearby barbershop by protesters. We remained in the barbershop until the firing stopped and it was safe to exit.

As we took cover, a demonstrator outside was shot in the head and his body was carried away by Saleh’s men. All that remained of him was a blood-soaked scarf. Protesters asked me to film his scarf and to show it to the world so that in their words, the world could see Saleh’s brutality against peaceful protesters.  You can see that footage here.

HOOD, a local human rights NGO, recently revealed that it was state policy to carry away the bodies of dead and injured protesters in an effort to conceal crimes against protesters. They are in possession of leaked documents and have been collecting eyewitness testimony from victims and informants to build a case against Saleh. You can read more on that story here.


HOOD, a local human rights organization, is in possession of leaked government documents that reveal the existence of mass graves in the Beit Bous area of Sana’a. The bodies are reportedly of kidnapped protesters. Documents also reveal that Saleh’s forces disposed of protester’s mutilated bodies in trash cans throughout Beit Bous.

The document below is one such document.  Dated April, 27 2011, it’s written by a state prosecutor by the name of Mohamed Saleh al-Muqalih and it is addressed to the Attorney General. It confirms that a forensic physician was retained to conduct autopsies on remains that were discovered inside trash cans located in Beit Bous.  At the bottom of the letter, it states that the remains were then ordered buried by the Criminal Investigation Department.

As I get further information, I will post updates.

Gov doc confirming discovery of remains

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