Video: Demonstrators attacked near VP Hadi’s home

June 11, 2011

General Ali Muhsin, commander of the 1st armored division and President Saleh’s half-brother, defected in March to support the opposition. Although never officially announcing he was joining the opposition, he vowed that he and his soldiers would protect demonstrators in Change Square. His move however was widely seen as self-motivated and many speculate he is preparing himself for a post-Saleh future.

On June 3, President Saleh was attacked at the presidential compound along with several top officials. They were flown to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. Vice President Abd al-Rab Mansur al-Hadi took over leadership of the country.

Ahmed Ali, Saleh’s son and head of the elite Republican Guard, appeared to challenge Hadi’s new authority when he moved into the presidential palace. Hadi meanwhile continued to work out of his office at the Ministry of Defense.

In a seemingly contradictory move, Ali Muhsin’s soldiers were ordered to stand guard outside of VP Hadi’s home, allegedly protecting him from both Ahmed Ali and demonstrators. This week, demonstrators marched toward Hadi’s home and held a 24 hour sit-in. During the demonstration, they were attacked by Mushin’s soldiers. On the surface, the move is very telling and leaves one questioning Muhsin’s motives.

With every shift of power, it appears that Muhsin and his batallion are never far behind.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Demonstrators Attacked by VP Al-Hadis Home.avi, posted with vodpod


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