Celebrations that rocked Sana’a

June 10, 2011



On the evening of June 9, nearly one week after the attack on Saleh’s compound, the skies over Sana’a lit up with gunfire. Explosions rocked the city and it was the most intense display of gunfire yet. Terrified, people ran for cover wherever they could. Many thought war had broken out. A few hours later, state TV confirmed that it was just the Republican Guard celebrating Saleh’s successful surgery. Pro-Saleh supporters would join the “celebrations” by going out into the streets and firing into the air. Meanwhile, the rest of Sana’a remained terrified, convinced that what they were experiencing were not “celebrations” but a message aimed at them from Ahmed Ali. It was at worst a form of psychological warfare, at best a reckless show of force.




One Response to “Celebrations that rocked Sana’a”

  1. that was really intense. do you think the VP is letting the chaos continue to benefit Saleh or himself? what needs to happen for these guys to stop their violence?

    I’m glad that you made it out okay, but I can’t imagine going through that and being able to function for every day following that. I am always praying for your safety.

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