Saleh takes a hit

June 4, 2011

It was an especially chaotic day in Sana’a, if that’s even possible to believe at this stage. The biggest news to come out of today is that of Saleh’s injury. He was wounded by shellfire as he was praying when his presidential palace came under attack. Government officials say he escaped with light injuries but six top officials were more seriously hurt while three of his guards were killed. The details of his injury remain unclear.

Many tonight are speculating that he perhaps sustained more critical injuries in light of the fact that he did not make a speech tonight, as government officials had originally announced he would. Instead, in what is seen as a huge sign of weakness, he released a short audio statement in which he reiterated his commitment to defeating the Ahmar clan.

Hamid al-Ahmar, brother to Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar, accused Saleh of orchestrating the attack in order to tarnish their image.

Here are the rest of today’s updates:

  • The Hadda neighborhood of Sana’a was hit with heavy mortar shelling and gunfire when government forces attacked Hamid al-Ahmar’s home from Nahdayn mountain. The presidential palace is also in Hadda and was attacked by shellfire. Sounds of sporadic shelling tonight continue to come out of Hadda
  • Attacks against Hasaba continued today
  • Scattered skirmishes along the parameters of Change Square between the 1st Armored Division and Saleh’s armed thugs
  • I observed many trying to flee Sana’a today with their belongings strapped to the tops of their vehicles. Bus drivers were refusing to drive out of Sana’a and were rejecting passengers because of fears of being attacked on their way out of the city. There are reported clashes along roads outside of Sana’a
  • Gas prices continue to climb along with the cost of food and just about everything else
  • The airport closes periodically depending on the severity of clashes. Professor James Spencer’s interesting theory is that the airport is a joint military and civilian airfield. “By not allowing civilian aircraft onto the runway, the YAF can provide far quicker close air support to the Government forces (indeed, the aircraft may be sitting on the runways ready to go.)”

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