Sanaa’s Conflict Zones as of June 1st

June 2, 2011

I tried to get a picture of what happened last night in Sana’a by talking to several officers and activists. Below is a list of last night’s conflict zones as far as I could determine.

  •  Soldiers belonging to Ali Mohsen’s 1st Armored Division confirmed that Saleh’s security forces along with thugs attempted to enter the Square from the north side (area known as Sawad Hanash) but were repelled back by Mohsen’s soldiers. This is the first time they actually made an attempt at entering the square, and I was told they most likely would try again tonight.
  • The area by Commerce Court (20th street), which is south of the Square, had snipers stationed on buildings and baltajia, or paid thugs, walking the streets.  Many people believe these thugs are actually officers dressed in civilian clothes. They were intimidating people going in and out of the Square. But no conflict.
  • There was conflict in Hasaba, as there is every night between Ahmar’s men and security forces.
  • On al-Ghada Street, about half a kilometer from Change Square and to the west, thugs and security forces were gathered. Security forces were shooting mortar shells from this area (al-Ghada) to an area called Jawlat Saba, which is filled with Ahmar fighters.
  • According to reports, Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah al-Qadhi, who is  a member of Parliament and supports the opposition, had his home attacked in al-Asbuhi last night. He’s related to the President. Al-Asbuhi is located about 7 kilometers from the Square (about 15-20 minutes by car without traffic), west of Sana’a.

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