Victim of Saleh’s brutality speaks out

May 14, 2011

Wajih Ibrahim was shot by Ali Abdullah Saleh’s security forces during the May 11, 2011 protest. Here, he tearfully describes his ordeal. Translation is provided below the video.

They positioned a line of protection for us. We were stunned and confused because we thought they were Mohsen’s soldiers. But we became confused once they began to advance and attack us with live ammunition. The youth fled the barrage of bullets and a group of us were cornered into the yard of the Blood bank. An officer threatened “run,” but we were trapped behind the yard’s wall and they began shooting. All the demonstraters in the yard were injured. They’re reporting 5 to 10 dead but the ambulances just took the injured and the dead were left behind. There were more than ten bodies that were left.


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