Expansion of Change Square

May 10, 2011

Things have been slow as of late in Sana’a. It began to seem as if demonstrators were settling into a malaise which isn’t all that surprising considering it’s been nearly five months since the revolution’s start and Saleh doesn’t seem to have budged an inch. However, tonight I learned that organizers were expanding the parameters of Change Square by a few blocks into an area called al-Zubayri. Rumurs were circulating about shots breaking out in the area, but an organizer confirmed they were false. Today, a demonstration is planned during the afternoon prayers which is around 3pm here. Afterward, demonstrators will march down a few major streets and then circle back to Change Square. The past few protests have been relatively calm and did not include a march. Those in the past that did include marches have ended in violence, with Saleh’s Republican Guard opening fire on peaceful protesters. Organizers and activists are expecting much of the same reaction tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Expansion of Change Square”

  1. I heard that a great many people were shot at and injured yesterday (May 8th) during the protests. Did you see any of that?

    Also, can you do me a favor and recite Surah Laylatal Qadr (and Naad-e-‘Ali, if you know it) before you head out tomorrow? It’s supposed to be good spiritual protection.

    Thinking of you and the Yemeni people everyday! Please keep us updated.

    • Amel Says:

      thanks for your prayers saman! i will def recite that prayer. yes, four people were killed and 88 injured in the city of Taiz, which is about 2 hours away from Sana’a. demonstrators were marching toward the municipal education offices in the center of the city when Saleh’s security forces opened fire. Taiz has been home to the country’s largest demonstrations.

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